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Catedral de Menorca
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Ciutadella, Cathedral of Minorca

Ciutadella is the largest town on the island because of its past significance. In fact, its old quarter is an attraction because it was the capital of Minorca until the XVIII century. Walking by its palaces, churches, small town squares, and narrow streets, you discover the charm of one of the finest medieval cities on the Mediterranean.

The vastness of the town, covering almost a third of the total surface of the island, means that it contains a great number of the island's coves. The virgin coves of the south, like Macarella, Cala'n Turgueta or Son Saura, are a must see for almost all tourists. There, as in Algaiarens to the north, we marvel at the nature reserves and spectacular scenery. On the southern coast of Ciutatella we find cultured coves like the emblematic Macarella Cove.

But the coves mentioned here are not the only ones in the Ciutadella zone. The same with the whole island, you find great places for swimming along the entire coastline and, with a little bit of insight, you can find fantastic places that are rarely mentioned in the guidebooks. Apart from the coves, the rough landscape of the lighthouse of Punta Nati, the fascinating Naveta d'es Tudons, and the hermitage of Sant Joan of Missa, the source of the celebrated festivals of Sant Joan, also deserve special mention.

Ciutuadella and its surrounding area is one of the major tourist attractions on the island. The way the port looks, full of yachts, sailboats and fishing boats, is the living image of a faraway world, nostalgic and yearned for by many. At nightfall, the full-bodied smells of Minorcan cooking penetrate the atmosphere and blend into the ambiance. The evenings stretch out into the dawn and only thoughts of going to the beach the next day can make you abandon the fantastic place, the magnificent scenery of small, grand things, Ciutadella of Minorca.

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