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Saturday, 11 August 2012 10:47

Menorcan Cheese

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To talk about the Mahon-Menorca cheese is dealing with a part of the culture and customs of the island of Menorca, so it has been, and still is, a key element for the maintenance of its present appearance.

The designation of origin cheese Mahon-Menorca, is a type of cheese pressed uncooked, with rounded edges, prepared and cured only in Menorca, according to tradition and the rules enshrined in the regulation of the DO. In 1985 he was awarded, in final form, the designation of origin cheese Mahon and later in the year 1998, he joined the word Menorca cheese-covered, which was renamed Mahon-Menorca.


The cheese is and has been a flagship product of Minorca on the island made from cow's milk, curd at low temperature, dip salted and cured according to the customs of the island. Being developed in response to ancestral traditions, one of the pillars on which rests a part of history and tradition and culinary livestock Menorca. Arabic writings since the year 1000 make reference to the significant production of cheese, wine and meat in Menorca. Specifically, the Arab historian says of Menorca Ashashaskandi "has a good livestock and vineyards used to make good cheese and wine."

The archives of the Crown of Aragon also reflect the importance of livestock and Cheese Mahon Menorca in the XV and XVI. This trade continued to grow so that even in the eighteenth century there were four boats carrying only cheese-produced on the island of Menorca, from the port of Mahon to Genoa and other important places in the western Mediterranean, which resulted in in places of employment was known as' cheese from the port of Mahon, "and, more briefly," Mahon cheese, "although it had been made in Mercadal, Ciutadella, Alaior or any other place on the island.

Therefore, we can rightly say that the cheese of Menorca has been recognized since ancient times, which has now led to a protected designation of origin well established and appreciated both in the Balearic Islands and the rest of icluso Spain and in foreign markets.


The process of manufacture has long been unchanged in all places Menorcans where practices were very old. It is an ancestral set of techniques that has been passed from father to son, and his application defines and creates the real cheese. Dairy cows are mostly of Menorca and unique Friesian breed herds of Menorca.

In general, the dough has a firm texture that undergoes a continuous evolution with the degree of maturation reached. The color varies from milky white to bright yellow. A general feature is the appearance of so-called eyes, variable in size but never exceed the size of a pea.

The semi-hard cheese is soft and with a remarkable resilience. The flavor is mild, slightly salty and sour, more advanced dairy flavors with some reminiscence of butter, toasted nuts (hazelnuts), well defined and characteristic.
As for the cheese, its flavor and aroma are very advanced, complex and intense, very persistent mouth. It is reminiscent of old wood, leather and maturation cellar. The salty taste is intensified and appears a slight itch, losing the memory of the milk.


There are two types of cheese according to previous treatment suffered by the milk used in cheese making protected:

Mahon-Menorca cheese: made with milk that has been process and / or method of preservation authorized industrial dairies.
Mahon-Menorca cheese artisan: made with raw milk, artisan cheese makers allowed.

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Soy un menorquín apasionado de Menorca. Me gusta compartir aquello que mejor conozco, y lo que más disfruto de nuestra increíble isla. Intentaré daros los mejores consejos, para que disfrutéis al máximo vuestra estancia.

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