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Puerto de CiutadellaSes VoltesObelisco
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Puerto de Ciutadella - Photo: Josep Xavier Sànchez
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The old medieval city

Ciutadella is the ancient medieval city of Minorca. The main points of interest are located on the old quarters, limited by Sa Contramurada, from el Camí de Maó, to Castell de Sant Nicolau, going through Ses Voltes and the d'Es Born Plaza, and of course, the port. The little natural Ciutadella Port is full of fish boats, sailboats and local restaurants, which is one of Minorca's most colorful and appreciated places.

Ses Voltes Street is the main road of the old Ciutadella quarters. The stylized arches provide its typical and characteristic appearance. On it we find the main monumental buildings of the city, with the Minorca Cathedral as the most important.

We then arrive to the Es Born Plaza, where we find nobility palaces, the old Muslim Citadel and the famous obelisk, created in memory of those who disappeared in the Turkish assault of 1711. We can also enjoy a fantastic view over the port and of the relaxed atmosphere.

The city hall is now located where the Muslim Fortress -Alcázar- used to be. This unique building has been improved as centuries have gone by. This monument portrays in its own characteristic way, the splendid complex of the Es Born Plaza. From here we will go down to the port where we will find numerous stores and souvenir shops.

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